Tate Tanks: Performance Art and the Mainstream

The Big Think assesses the possible impact of The Tanks: Art in Action

From Bob Duggan (The Big Think): 'Performance art and film art have always been the afterthoughts of museums—the new kids on the block with no room of their own in the big culture houses. Institutions designed to house paintings and sculpture usually need to find some temporary corner to stage a performance or screen a film, implying to the viewer, however subconsciously and unintentionally, that those media don’t rank a room of their own. With the opening of the Tate Tanks at the Tate Modern in London, England, performance art and film finally have a big stage all of their own—one that not only celebrates those media but can, in return, inspire practitioners to create knowing where they’ll be working. With such a significant venue for significant pieces, will the Tate Tanks finally bring performance art into the mainstream?' [Read More]

The Tanks: Art in Action runs from 18 July – 28 October 2012. [Website]

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