Burroughs 23: Charles Gatewood's Photographs of William S. Burroughs

A collection of largely unseen Burroughs photographs
William Burroughs and Brion Gysin in London, 1972. Photo: Charles Gatewood
If you're a fan of William S. Burroughs and the photographer Charles Gatewood, oh, and if you have $3,000 to spare, you might be interested in Burroughs 23. Essentially, it's a 'deluxe artist's book' by Charles Gatewood, published back in 2011 by Dana Dana Dana in San Francisco (a big thank you to Volker Frick for the link): 'Each 11"x14" hand crafted book features high-quality digitally printed reproductions of photographs of american author William S. Burroughs (b. 1914 - d. 1997) shot in London, England in 1972, and in New York, New York, USA in 1975. The book also contains photos of writer Brion Gysin, Led Zeppelin singer Jimmy Page, and Rolling Stone Magazine journalist Robert Palmer. Many of these photos have never been seen or published before now.' [Read More]

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