Paul Auster, Winter Journal

Auster to release second memoir
Paul Auster
The Bookseller is reporting that Paul Auster is to publish a second memoir: 'In Auster's d├ębut work The Invention of Solitude, first published in 1982, he wrote about his late father. By contrast, Winter Journal will concentrate on Auster's mother, including her struggle as a single mother after divorce, the short-lived love she found late in life, her troubled later years, and the anxiety attacks Auster suffered in the face of her death. / The memoir will also include a random series of memories from Auster's own life grasped from the point of view of his life now, including taking part in the anti-Vietnam demonstrations at Columbia University, almost killing his second wife—novelist Siri Hustvedt—and their child in a car accident, as well as falling in and out of love with his first wife, writer Lydia Davis.' [Read More]

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