W. G. Sebald, Across Land and Water

A new collection of Sebald's poetry
W. G. Sebald, Across the Land and Water
The Economist reviews a new collection of W. G. Sebald's poetry (link via Ready Steady Book): 'Across the Land and the Water brings together a selection of the poems he never published in book form, if at all. Translated by Iain Galbraith, the volume sketches out a life on the move. Stretching over 37 years, the volume includes poems that Mr Galbraith found jotted down in Sebald’s archives on scraps of paper, others written on menus, theatre programmes or headed paper from hotels. They emerge on trains or at the “unmanned/station in Wolfenb├╝ttel”, Sebald covertly observing fellow commuters as he evokes the differing landscapes shuttling past.' [Read More]

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