László Krasznahorkai and Max Neumann, Animalinside

Read an excerpt from an edition by The Cahiers Series
László Krasznahorkai and Max Neumann's Animalinside
The New York Review of Books online blog has published a snippet from Animalinside, a collaboration between writer László Krasznahorkai and illustrative artist Max Neumann. Colm Tóibín describes the process: 'The writer worked first from one of Neumann’s images and then Neumann, spurred on in turn by the words, made the rest of the images to which Krasznahorkai, his mind let loose by the captured visuals, responded by writing more texts.' Animalinside is published jointly by the Center for Writers and Translators of The American University of Paris, Sylph Editions, and New Directions press, as number 14 of the Cahiers series. [Read More]

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