Jonathan Tallant, Metaphysics: An Introduction

An new introduction to metaphysics for undergraduate students.
Jonathan Tallant, Metaphysics: An Introduction
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Jonathan Tallant, Metaphysics: An Introduction

This is the definitive companion to the study of metaphysics. It provides students with an accessible, comprehensive and philosophically rigorous introduction to all the key concepts, issues and debates. Ideal for use on undergraduate courses, the structure and content of this textbook closely reflect the way metaphysics is studied.

Thematically structured, the text introduces all the various philosophical problems addressed by metaphysics through the idea of truth-making, a useful lens through which the topic is clearly and concisely explicated. With a particular focus on method in contemporary metaphysics, the book examines a variety of metaphysical topics, including the nature of properties, time, causation and objects.

The book offers lucid and incisive coverage of the field of metaphysics, its key concepts and current debates. Jonathan Tallant's cogent and thorough analysis is supplemented by student-friendly features, including chapter summaries, study questions and a comprehensive guide to further reading. Each chapter includes a series of specially designed mind-maps to help students visualise the logical space being explored and how the arguments push in different directions.

Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Truth-Making \ 2. The Special Composition Question: 'Physical' Objects \ 3. Other Objects \ 4. Modality \ 5. Properties \ 6. Substratum and Other Theories \ 7. Time \ 8. Persistence \ 9. Causation \ 10. Truth-Maker Reconsidered? \ Bibliography \ Index


Jonathan Tallant is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham, UK.

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