Pavel Schmidt: Franz Kafka

13 September - 16 October 2011 · Harvard University
Pavel Schmidt, 'Klamm'
Harvard University is hosting an exhibition of the work of Pavel Schmidt, based around the writings of Franz Kafka (link via Times Flow Stemmed): 'The Kafka cycle presented here consists of forty-nine sketches created over the past four years by Pavel Schmidt, Swiss painter, illustrator, and installation artist. The title of each drawing is the name of a character from one of Kafka’s narratives or someone the author personally knew. Schmidt juxtaposes each drawing with a fragment from Kafka’s previously unpublished writings, which are presented in the German with English translations. The texts are not meant to explain the images, nor the images the texts. There is nevertheless a correlation between the works of the two artists: for Kafka, writing was an inner necessity. He created his characters by wrestling with, rejecting, molding, and inventing language—a creative process that Pavel Schmidt deliberately explores in his work. The cycle has been previously exhibited in Zürich, Berlin, Prague, New York, and Princeton.' [Read More]

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