Patricia Highsmith, The Cry of the Owl

New reissue is 'one of her most unsettling'
Patricia Highsmith, November 20, 1975. Image: AFP/Getty Images
Richard Rayner reviews a reissue of Patricia Highsmith's relatively unknown The Cry of the Owl (link via Susan Tomaselli): 'Guilt was Patricia Highsmith's great theme. In her books even the good know they're not innocent, and they carry an apprehension that they too will be found out. "Night was falling quickly, with visible speed like a black sea creeping over the earth," reflects Robert Forester at the beginning of The Cry of the Owl (Grove: 272 pp., $14), one of her lesser-known works from 1963 and one of her most unsettling. Which is saying plenty.' [Read More]

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