Writers on Twitter

A selection of literary figures you might want to follow
Margaret Atwood
The Accredited Online Colleges website has compiled a list of '50 Impressive Literary Figures You Should Follow on Twitter'. While not all of them are strictly 'literary', many of them are interesting, and there may be one or two you are not aware of. Here is a brief selection:
  • William Gibson: Of course one of cyberpunk’s progenitors would make his way to Twitter! William Gibson is generous with retweets and replies, but he does talk about his own work as well as things piquing his interest.
  • Doug Coupland: Most of the Generation X and Hey, Nostradamus! writer’s feed is occupied with brief thoughts and the occasional link.
  • Stephen Fry: Although known mainly as a comedic actor, Stephen Fry also happens to be an acclaimed author and mental health awareness activist — one with a beautifully funny, provocative Twitter.
  • Hugo Schwyzer: The Pasadena City College professor of gender studies and history is a prolific feminist and sociological commentator with an amazing oeuvre. His feed makes articles and insights quickly accessible for changemakers on the go.
  • Mignon Fogarty: Grammar Girl herself keeps a Twitter, carrying over the informative content found on her blog and in her podcast and books.
  • Paulo Coelho: With tweets in both Brazilian Portuguese and English, the celebrated, prolific Paulo Coelho uses his social media skills to touch a broad range of fans.
  • Arianna Huffington: Understandably, most of the publishing and media giantess’ tweets mostly have to do with politics and culture rather than writing and reading.
  • Augusten Burroughs: Twitter allows fans to step into the life of this popular memoirist, learning more about his projects and personal thoughts.
  • Chris Anderson: As the editor-in-chief of Wired, the incredibly popular Chris Anderson stands at the forefront of new media, science and technology journalism — a fact reflected right there in his feed.
  • Margaret Atwood: Critically-lauded, award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood loves herself some retweets, but she also manages to slip talks about her own views, projects and events as well.
  • Tao Lin: Prolific poet, essayist and Vice columnist and cartoonist Tao Lin tweets some interesting observations and links to various works.

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