Simon Schubert's Paper Art

Remarkable paper-folding artist cites Samuel Beckett as an influence
Image: Simon Schubert
Flavorwire is promoting a fascinating collection of interior sketches, which use neither pen nor pencil, chalk or paint:
Made solely by folding and creasing white paper, his renderings of buildings (mostly interiors) have a ghostly feel, their spare medium complemented by the absence of any living thing. According to his British gallery, Saatchi, Schubert is fascinated with “the concept of ‘disappearing’ — as a moral and psychological erasure” and sees the surrealists and Samuel Beckett as touchstones. We would add that his work reminds us of two more masters of disorientation, M.C. Escher and David Lynch (those zig-zag floors!).
The influence of Samuel Beckett is perhaps more apparent in another of Simon Schubert's works (thanks to Volker Frick for this second image):
Portrait of Samuel Beckett, by Simon Schubert
Source: Judy Berman, 'Gallery: Simon Schubert’s Ghostly, Creased-Paper Interiors', Flavowire, 3 May 2011