Pauline McLynn in Samuel Beckett's Happy Days

Irish actress and author to play starring role in Sheffield production
Pauline McLynn as Winnie in Happy Days
Pauline McLynn, an actress known to many for her role in the hit Irish sitcom Father Ted, is taking on the role of Winnie in a forthcoming production of Samuel Beckett's Happy Days. In a recent interview with The Observer, she spoke to Kate Kellaway about her preparations for the role.

Read more: Kate Kellaway, 'Pauline McLynn: 'For Winnie the rule is: I talk therefore I am'', The Observer, 8 May 2011

The production, which celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Beckett's play, runs from 31 May at the Crucible in Sheffield.

As McLynn prepares for opening night, she discusses rehearsals on her official blog:
6 May 2011:we’ve come to the point in rehearsals where i just HAVE to know my lines in order to be able to move on. it’s PAINFUL trying to learn them though. Sam Beckett is a bit of a pervert when it comes to changing a seeming repetition just slightly enough for it to mess you up as you approach it. every so often our director, the wonderful jonathan humphreys, reads me a piece of an actor’s recollection of performing Beckett or working with him and it’s usually just how i’m feeling and i suddenly don’t feel quite so alone…though, in fairness, i WILL be alone each night trying to remember what comes next. i fear i may not have enough brain cells left to hold what i need to hold and unleash on the good people of Sheffield each night…SO, all seems to be going to ‘plan’ then for this paint in preparations… [Read more]
A more recent entry:
8 May 2011: we attempted a run through of the play HAPPY DAYS on saturday, here at the crucible in sheffield, and i was left in tatters with panic about how much work i still have to do. the only solution was to have a lovely time with Himself who is here to visit and then 14 glorious hours of blessed sleep. a much rested pauline then spent a relaxing day of nailing lines and i am READY for next week. sounds plucky, i know, but it has to be done so onwards i go. still feel like part of my brain is now on permanent vacation but, if so, the rest of it will just have to kick in… [Read more]
I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing McLynn the very best of luck on opening night, with what is undoubtedly a very challenging role.

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