Waiting for Beckett Documentary

Rare feature-length documentary on the Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett

This incredibly rare television documentary includes interviews with a number of Beckett's friends, colleagues and followers. Among those interviewed are: Raymond Federman, Hugh Kenner, Steve Martin, Edward Albee, Stanley Gontarski, John Calder, Barney Rosset and, in a round-a-bout way, Samuel Beckett himself. The film also includes footage of a number of Beckett productions, including Steve Martin and Robin Williams' 1987 performance as Didi and Gogo in the Mike Nichols production of Waiting for Godot, Billie Whitelaw as Winnie in Happy Days and clips from German/English television productions of What Where.

Waiting for Beckett: A Portrait of Samuel Beckett is a must for anyone interested in his work. It traces Beckett's early years in Ireland and Paris, before discussing the impact of his novels, plays and late work with the help of friends, scholars and publishers. Unfortunately, the audio and picture quality are not perfect, and subtitles obscure the names of many of the interviewees, but the film is still incredibly worthwhile.

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