Teatro Plástico: Samuel Beckett

A glimpse at the Portugese theatre company's visually striking productions
Teatro Plástico's production of Samuel Beckett's Rough for Theatre II
Teatro Plástico's production of Samuel Beckett's What Where
Teatro Plástico's production of Samuel Beckett's What Where
Recent Samuel Beckett productions by a Portugese theatre company, Teatro Plástico (Plastic Theatre), have caught my eye this week, for their bold and minimalist productions of What Where and Rough for Theatre II. The following is an imperfect translation from their website, which includes photographs and publicity posters of the productions:
With 'Beckett: What - Where' Plastic Theater continues the cycle of work devoted to this undeniable master of contemporary theatre, which began with "Not I" and "Catastrophe."

This show aims to address the many dimensions of the Beckettian universe. Theatrical, poetic and visual and physical and mental health as viewed as territories that have indelibly marked all areas of contemporary culture and remain fundamental to our definitions of reality and humanity.

Inhabited by oppressors and oppressed, and miserable tramps, blind and paralyzed, demented and insane, and the desolate world of Beckett, houses an impressive gallery of reduced and incomplete beings, creatures who, in their desperate tragicomic limit, reflect the fragility and absurd meaninglessness of human existence but also our mysterious strength and persistence to continue.

Condemned to repeat, wait, and progressively reduced in their abilities, these speaking beings, thrown into the void of existence as humans on a remote planet on the outskirts of the immensity of the universe, return to us the essence of the human project and the eternal struggle of mankind to make sense and survive in a hostile environment and absurd.

But this is a dark, menacing, paradoxically, inhabited by the most extraordinary and wild laughter of contemporary theatre, and, in the illustrious tradition of great Irish comedians, the comic genius of Beckett's talent allows us one of the few pleasures left to mankind to fill the pain of existence and emptiness of waiting, laughing.

Author: Samuel Beckett | Art Director: Francisco Alves

Performers: Mario Santos, André Amalie, Viriato Mitchell, Eurico Santos - Voice off: Anthony Durães

Light: Mario Bessa | Sound: Joseph Silver | Video: Tiago Afonso | Photo: Inês d'Orey | Design: James Morgan | Assistance director: Julie Alexandria | Executive Producer: Carolina Losa

Production: Plastic Theatre

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Source: Teatro Plástico website (translated from Portugese to English)

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