Samuel Beckett's German Diaries to be published

Suhrkamp to publish Nobel prize winner's travel journals
Samuel Beckett at the end of the 1920s.
Some very exciting news. German publishing house Suhrkamp have made the following informal announcement regarding the forthcoming publication of Samuel Beckett's travel journals, to be edited by Mark Nixon:
Samuel Beckett is known to have kept only one diary in his life, the ‘German Diaries’, written during his journey through Germany from September 1936 to April 1937. Discovered in a trunk after the author’s death in 1989, they were first explored and discussed by James Knowlson in his biography Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett (1996). Since then, extracts from the diaries have been published, as well as scholarly discussions. The ‘German Diaries’ give a unique insight into Beckett’s relationship with German culture, and reveal his interest in the visual arts, literature, language and philosophy.

Edward Beckett, the author’s nephew and literary executor, has now entrusted the Suhrkamp Verlag with the first complete publication of the ‘German Diaries’. They will be edited by Mark Nixon, Director of the Beckett International Foundation at the University of Reading (which holds the world’s largest collection of manuscripts and archival resources relating to Samuel Beckett). The German translation will be completed by the Beckett expert Gaby Hartel.

Beckett’s German publisher is aiming to publish the bilingual, critical edition of the ‘German Diaries’ in 2015, and will work with Faber & Faber on a subsequent English edition.
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