Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies (CFP)

2011 seminar series at the University of Oxford

The following is a Call for Papers (CFP) from the Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies seminar series at the University of Oxford:

We have a small number of slots available for postgraduate students who would like to present a fifteen minute paper and answer some questions alongside our main speakers in May and June this year.

Your paper should speak to the rubric of the series:

Samuel Beckett stands at the meeting point of innovative historical study and contemporary artistic endeavour. The biographies, notebooks, diaries, drafts and letters of his archive are driving forward empirical research in modern literary criticism, while his works are cited as sources for authors, artists, philosophers, composers, filmmakers and choreographers. This seminar explores Beckett's cultural position in both of these directions: by examining some of the recently uncovered influences that shaped his writing, and by refracting his image and his work through those who follow his example. Going into our seventh year, we seek to combine the latest scholarship with a consideration of Beckett’s ongoing cultural life, and remain open to all.

The seminars will take place on Tuesdays at 5pm in St John's College, Oxford, and dates will be arranged following our decisions.

200-word proposals in English, including a provisional title and a short biographical notice, should be sent by 4 March 2011 to beckett.debtsandlegacies@gmail.com

Website: sambeckettdebtsandlegacies.com

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