Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies 2011

Peter Fifield announces the speakers appearing at this year's seminars
Samuel Beckett. Photograph: John Minihan.
Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies 2011
University of Oxford

5pm on Tuesdays in Trinity Term 2011.
New Seminar Room, St John’s College, Oxford.

3 May - Professor Andrew Kötting
(Professor and Filmmaker, University for the Creative Arts)
“Kötting’s First Tape.”

10 May - Dr Iain Bailey
(Postdoctoral Fellow in English, University of Manchester)
“'My name in full': Emendation, Intertextuality and Minutiae in Beckett's Drafts.”

17 May - Dr Garin Dowd
(Reader in Film and Media Studies, Thames Valley University)
“Beckett’s cinema legacies: strategies of citation in four films from the last decade.”

24 May - Dr Graley Herren
(Professor in English, Xavier University, Ohio)
“Mourning Becomes Electric: Hamlet, Eh Joe, and the Mediation of Loss.”

31 May – Dr Mark Nixon
(Lecturer in English, Director of Beckett International Foundation, co-director of the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project, University of Reading)
“herrdoktoring: The Use of Manuscripts in Beckett Studies.”

7 June – Professor Shane Weller
(Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Kent)
“Towards a Literature of the Unword: Beckett, Kafka, Sebald.”

14 June – Professor John Pilling
(Professor Emeritus of English and European Literature, University of Reading)
“Beckett/Sade: texts for nothing.”

21 June – Dr Sean Lawlor
(University of Reading)
“'A good thing about hope': Doggerelizing Chamfort and the mirlitonnades.”

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