Joycean Literature: Fiction and Poetry 1910-2010

13-14 June 2011
Design: Rhys Tranter
Joycean Literature: Fiction and Poetry 1910-2010
13-14 June, 2011

Institute of English Studies, University of London,
Senate House

About the Conference

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Derek Attridge (York)
and, as John Coffin Memorial Lecturer, Professor Michael Wood (Princeton)

James Joyce's influence on literature has been enormous. This conference will examine Joyce's complex international impact on fiction, long or short, and on poetry. The field remains under-explored. Valuable studies have appeared: either following the links between Joyce and individual authors (Beckett most obviously) or asking about Joyce's example for the twentieth-century avant-garde. In Irish Studies, too, a strong sense has obtained of Joyce as challenge and example. But much productive work remains to be done to bring these strands together, to broaden the range of influences considered, and to ask critical questions about the nature of influence and legacy. We want to consider Joyce as model, shadow, inspiration, irritation or obstacle for a roster of writers like the following:


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This two-day conference will address these and other questions through particular studies or broader enquiries. The conference will feature some forty papers alongside prestigious plenary speakers, chosen from the most dynamic critics and writers at work today.

Call for Papers

Please send proposals of up to 300 words, for 20-minute papers, to both Joe Brooker (j.brooker@bbk.ac.uk) and Finn Fordham (finn.fordham@rhul.ac.uk) by James Joyce's 129th birthday, 2 February 2011.

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