Joyce Carol Oates and Jane Yarborough Creech

Story of the photographer whose work adorns Oates memoir
Detail of the photograph by Jane Yarborough Creech to appear on Joyce Carol Oates' forthcoming book.
We're all told never to judge a book by its cover, but that's not to say book covers don't have their own story to tell. Journal Watchdog reports an interesting story concerning a photographer and Joyce Carol Oates' A Widow's Story: A Memoir:
Early last year Jane Yarborough Creech’s doctor found her low hemoglobin levels were not caused by simple anemia, but by colon cancer.
She needed surgery.

But then a curious thing happened. The Greenville photographer learned her artwork would grace the cover of Pulitzer-Prize nominated author Joyce Carol Oates’ forthcoming book, "A Widow’s Story: A Memoir,” scheduled for release Feb. 15.

The news helped Creech – a mother of four and grandmother to six – battle the disease.

“It was good news at a sad time. When she was in the hospital I kept telling her that she had a lot to live for, the Joyce Carol Oates book being published,” said one of her daughters, Janie Creech. [Read more]

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