Joyce Carol Oates, Give Me Your Heart

A new collection from the American storyteller
Joyce Carol Oates, Give Me Your Heart
Celestial Timepiece has drawn my attention to a review of Joyce Carol Oates' latest collection of short stories, Give Me Your Heart, over at Mostly Fiction:
Give Me Your Heart, the newest collection of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates, shimmers with violence, actual or imagined. Reading these stories is like hearing footsteps in your home when you know you’re the only one there. They’re like seeing something impossible out of the corner of your eye and being sure that you’ve seen it no matter what your rational self tells you. The stories make your heart race and your eyes open wide in horror. They do not come to us gently. Joyce Carol Oates grabs the reader and pulls him into her unique vision where fear, panic, tension, death, love and murder prevail, often simultaneously. These are horror stories without any element of the super-natural. She’s the real McCoy of this genre. [Read more]

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