Disjecta: This week's links

Your guide to this week's best cultural links
Franz Kafka, The Sons (Schocken).
Design: Peter Mendelsund.


Samuel Beckett: This week's Ends and Odds over at Samuel Beckett: Debts & Legacies
Patti Smith on Virginia Woolf
Stanley Fish: Adam Haslett reviews critic's new book, How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One
William Burroughs' Home Movies: Features Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and others
Phillip Pullman: Call to defend libraries resounds around web
James Joyce reads Finnegans Wake
James Joyce: Ulysses, illustrated with historical documents and photographs
James Joyce: Frank Callanan on the political attitudes of Ireland's high modernist
J. D. Salinger's Private Passions
Can Literature be Philosophical? James Ryerson on the philosophical novel
Writers Obsessed with Writers
Margaret Atwood: A new collection of scholarly articles exploring Atwood's work
Joseph Conrad: Phil Mongredien on Joseph Conrad's classic novel of postcolonial corruption
W. G. Sebald: W. G. Sebald turned a walk through Suffolk into an extraordinary book. As a film inspired by the work is premiered, Stuart Jeffries retraces his steps

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Susie Orbach: Orbach talks about bodies (podcast)
Continental Philosophy Bulletin Board: A crisp new design
Roland Barthes: Lori Soderlind reviews Barthes' Mourning Diary in the New York Times


Werner Herzog: In Conversation, New York, March 23rd, 2011

Art, Design & Photography

Franz Kafka: Peter Mendelsund shares his passion for Kafka, and some forthcoming designs to be released by Schocken
Joyce Carol Oates: Story of photographer Jane Yarborough Creech, whose work is featured on recent Oates memoir
Joris Karl Huysmans: À Rebours illustrated

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