Disjecta: This week's links

Your guide to this week's best cultural links
Bob Dylan. Photograph: Daniel Kramer.


London Review of Books: Winter Lecture s 2011: Includes Judith Butler on Franz Kafka, T. J. Clark on Picasso's Guernica and Elif Batuman on Cervantes and Balzac.
Joycean Literature: Fiction and Poetry 1910-2010: An academic conference to be held at the University of London, June 2011
James Joyce & Samuel Beckett: Top 10 Literary Mentorships
Joyce Carol Oates: New short story collection, Give Me Your Heart
Thomas Bernhard: German television documentary, spanning 1967-88
Beat Generation: Neal Cassady's wife, Carolyn, is interviewed by The Guardian on life with the Beats
J. D. Salinger: David L. Ulin reviews Jeffrey Slawenski's J. D. Salinger: A Life
Jorge Luis Borges: Martin Schifino reviews five new anthologies of the Borges' work
Jorge Luis Borges: The Riddle of Poetry, a lecture delivered at Harvard University 1967.
H. P. Lovecraft: GalleyCat presents a free documentary
Edgar Allan Poe: For the second time in two years, the mysterious 'Poe Toaster' fails to appear at the writer's gravesite

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Roland Barthes: Columbia University Press publishes The Preparation of the Novel
Roland Barthes: Mairéad Hanrahan reviews Barthes' The Preparation of the Novel in the Times Literary Supplement
Roland Barthes: University of York launches a new reading group based around Barthes' The Neutral
Susan Sontag: Varia celebrates the birthday of the renowned cultural critic
Friedrich Nietzsche: Slate on why Nietzsche is so often misunderstood by angry young men
Jacques Derrida speaks about 'Forgiveness'


65 Things You Didn't Know About David Lynch

Art & Design

Ezra Stoller: Exploring Mad Men era New York through the photography of Ezra Stoller


Thomas Bernhard: A translation of Elisabeth II
Frankenstein: The Guardian on Danny Boyle's new production at the National
Theatre and Performance: An online preview


Bob Dylan: American musician signs six-book deal, which will include two further volumes in the Chronicles series
Patti Smith appears on Charlie Rose
Joy Division: Recordings from two Dutch concerts


Woody Allen: 'Money Can Buy Happiness-As If', in the New Yorker
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