Disjecta: This week's links

Your guide to this week's best cultural links
Thomas Bernhard


British Library Online Manuscript Gallery
Is Modernism Boring? Why James Joyce and Virginia Woolf shouldn't be gathering dust on your shelf
Thomas Bernhard: On Perfection and Failure
Thomas Bernhard: Memorable quotations from novels and interviews
Thomas Bernhard: From Wittgenstein's Nephew
Gabriel Josipovici on Thomas Bernhard
James Joyce: Death and Wake
Roberto Bolaño on Literature and Exile
Franz Kafka: An animated adaptation of 'A Country Doctor'
Franz Kafka: John Banville on Kafka, Felice Bauer and Elias Canetti
Franz Kafka: A new illustrated edition of The Trial from the Folio Society, with an introduction by John Banville
New York Writers: City Journal on NYC's rich literary heritage
New Look Spike Magazine
Celebrity Bookshelves: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Greta Garbo, Kelsey Grammer and more
William S. Burroughs: 1983 BBC Documentary presented by Alan Yentob, and featuring interviews with major Beat Generation figures
William Shakespeare: Alistair Fowler reviews Don Paterson's Reading Shakespeare's Sonnets: A New Commentary
Joyce Carol Oates on Charles Baxter
Dante Alighieri: How Galileo was influenced by Dante's Divine Comedy
Joseph Conrad: On science fiction novel, The Inheritors

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

J. G. Ballard: Ballardian's very on Simon Sellars to release Applied Ballardianism: the philosophy of J. G. Ballard in 2012
Harper Collins Philosophy Catalogue: New and forthcoming 2011
Time and Space in Contemporary Women's Writing: September 2011
Philosophy of Time Society Forum: Call for Papers
Philosophy Bites: Review of David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton's recent book
Emmanuel Levinas: Joshua Shaw reviews Michaël de Saint Cheron's Conversations with Emmanuel Levinas, 1983-1994
Michel Foucault: Foucault Studies 10: Foucault and Agamben
Sigmund Freud: Review of Alfred I. Tauber's new book, The Reluctant Philosopher
Slavoj Žižek: Good Manners in the Age of WikiLeaks


Orson Welles: Welles directs and stars in The Stranger (1946), now freely available to watch online

Art & Design

Sigmund Freud: The Freud Museum celebrates the New Yorker's psychoanalytic comic strip, On the Couch
Top 10 Typefaces Used by Book Design Winners
Samuel Beckett: Among Ronald Searle's Eye-View series for Punch (1961-2)


William Shakespeare: Roundtable Discussion: 'The Imagination of Hamlet': Robert Brustein, Christian Camargo, Paul Fry (moderator), Laura Levine, Eugene Mahon, Susanne Wofford


Joyce Carol Oates on Bob Dylan: Oates explained why she dedicated 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?' to the American songwriter
Björk Covers Joy Division
Library of Congress Receives Record Donation: Including Fats Waller, Bing Cosby and Louis Armstrong

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