Disjecta: This month's links

Your guide to the month's best cultural links
Virginia Woolf book cover designs on the Behance Network


Don DeLillo on Saul Bellow
James Joyce's Death Mask
Samuel Beckett: Limit(e) Beckett on ghosts and spectrality
Samuel Beckett: Featured on BBC Radio 4's Great Lives series
Samuel Beckett: German Diaries, 1936-1937
Samuel Beckett: Publishing Samuel beckett
Marcel Proust: Michael Norris on In Search of Lost Time, with illustrations by David Richardson
Marcel Proust: Which translation?
Gustave Flaubert: Lydia Davis' translation of Madame Bovary among James Wood's year in review
James Franco to adapt William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy
Samuel Beckett in Music: A lunchtime concert, performed as part of the Out of the Archive Conference, June 2011
Don DeLillo: PEN American Center interviews Don DeLillo
Book Quiz: 2010
Saul Bellow: Richard Rayner reviews Bellow's Letters
Saul Bellow: Adam Kirsch reviews Bellow's Letters
Authors entering the public domain in 2011
Five literary treats
Will Self: Upcoming events for 2011
W. G. Sebald: Writing Pictures
Philip Roth: Max Dunbar reviews Nemesis in 3:AM Magazine
Philip Roth on the Myths of Ageing
Ghosts in the library: Reading after Life
Literary Modernism: An audio discussion from BBC Radio 4's In Our Time
J. D. Salinger: Read an excerpt from Kenneth Slawenski's J. D. Salinger: A Life
Spike Magazine Books of the Year 2010
Paul Bowles at 100
Thomas Bernhard: Richard Crary describes 'A Bernhard moment'
Thomas Bernhard: Martin Chalmers recent translation of Bernhard's Prose
Thomas Bernhard: A translation of Einfach kompliziert
Jorge Luis Borges: Mr. Borges' Garden
Maud Newton on writing as compensation for things we don't do
Nathanael West's Nihilism
Ezra Pound's Pisan Imprisonment
Modern Novels: They might be big, but are they clever?
Why Literary Criticism Matters
The State of Criticism in 2011
J. G. Ballard: William Boyd picks his favourite Ballard short story
Bookshelf Porn: A rich online gallery of private and public interior designs
Paul Auster: An excerpt from City of Glass
Virginia Woolf: Contemporary minimalist cover designs of Virginia Woolf's novels
12 Bookstore Cats
When is a book damaged?
Jorge Luis Borges: 2007 documentary, The Mirror Man

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Literature and Culture: The Work of Catherine Belsey
Does Philosophy Still Matter? 26 January 2011, NYC
Afromodernisms 2: What’s really new? Blackness and Atlantic Modernism, 1907–61
Top 10 Books About Books
Philosophers who died in 2010
Sigmund Freud: Freud Museum London presents an introduction to psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud: Revised entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Simon Critchley: Philosopher discusses the themes of his new book, How to Stop Living and Start Worrying
Slavoj Zizek: Are catastrophes virtual?
Slavoj Zizek: God Without the Sacred: The Book of Job, The First Critique of Ideology
On Maurice Blanchot and the Political (Audio)
Maurice Blanchot: Mark Thwaite on Kevin Hart's Clandestine Encounters
Hyperion: New issue available online
Philosophers in Winter
Michel Foucault and George W. Bush
Philosophy Bites Daily: A new, regularly-updated philosophy blog
David Foster Wallace: Columbia University Press releases Fate, Time and Language: An essay on free will
Freud, Secularism and Jewish History at the New School
Why Walter Benjamin remains difficult to classify


Terrence Malick: Trailer for new film, The Tree of Life
Stanley Kubrick: 17 lost minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey have been found
Playing chess with Stanley Kubrick
Diane Johnson on Stanley Kubrick
Phillip French's best films of 2010
Movie Title Stills Collection
Werner Herzog's Visceral Nature Writing


Jacques Derrida interviews Ornette Coleman

Art & Design

Louise Bourgeois and Balzac's Eugénie Grandet
Edward Hopper: Why does Hopper continue to puzzle?
Harvey Pekar: 3:AM Magazine Cult Hero
William S. Burroughs: Alison van Pelt's portraits of the American writer
Susan Sontag: On photography


Thomas Bernhard Weekend: 5 – 6 February 2011, Austrian Cultural Forum London
William Shakespeare: The Routledge Guide to William Shakespeare, by Robert Shaughnessy
William Shakespeare: John Lahr on 'raising the bar on Shakespearian tragedy'
Blogging Shakespeare

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