Bob Dylan to release Chronicles II and III

American songwriter signs a six-book deal with Simon & Schuster
Douglas R. Gilbert/Redferns/Getty
It's very exciting to hear news that American songwriter Bob Dylan has signed a six-book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster. Since the positive critical response to his first memoir, Chronicles: Volume I in 2004, possible sequels have been eagerly anticipated. The new deal, recently reported in Rolling Stone, suggests two further volumes in the Chronicles series, and a third based on dialogue from the Theme Time Radio Hour series. Andy Greene reports that: 'It's unclear what the other three books are going to be. According to the Crain's, Dylan's literary agent Andrew Wylie was seeking an eight-figure deal for the books.' [Read more] (link via Susan Tomaselli)

Source: Andy Greene, 'Bob Dylan signs Six-Book Deal', Rolling Stone, 18 Janury 2011

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