Disjecta: This week's links

Your guide to this week's best cultural links
Don DeLillo, End Zone


J. G. Ballard: This month's Featured Artist on A Piece of Monologue
Samuel Beckett: This week's Ends and Odds over at the Debts and Legacies website
Samuel Beckett: A television interview with Charles Juliet (in French)
Günter Grass: An interview with the German writer
Gabriel Josipovici: On Josipovici's fiction
Paul Auster: Biblioklept reviews Sunset Park
Graduate unemployment at its highest in level in 17 years
DublinLit+: A promising new website from 3:AM Magazine's Susan Tomaselli

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Roland Barthes: Scott Esposito reviews The Mourning Diary
Jacques Derrida: A review of Benoît Peeters' new biography of the French writer and philosopher


William Shakespeare: Al Pacino wants to be fair to Shakespeare
William Shakespeare: Virtual Special Issues of Shakespeare
William Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Imagined Orient, an International Conference
Samuel Beckett: Michael Lawrence performs Krapp, 39, a personal dramatic work based on Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape


Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk: Music Non-Stop: A new collection of essays exploring the music, aesthetic and cultural significance of the electronic group

Art, Design & Photography

The war on Comic Sans
Don DeLillo: New Don DeLillo paperbacks from Picador, March 2011


David Fincher: Zadie Smith reviews The Social Network
A 'Wilhelm Scream' Compilation
Francis Ford Coppola: Review of The Godfather Family Album

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