David Lynch releases pop single

Experimental American director releases 'Good Day Today' and 'I Know' through UK Independent label
David Lynch, 'Good Day Today'
David Lynch has released the single 'Good Day Today', along with the b-side 'I Know' through the UK independent label Sunday Best Recordings. Alexandra Topping of The Guardian reports: 'The creator of Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive is releasing two debut singles, Good Day Today and I Know, through a British independent label. After a film career spanning more than four decades, Lynch told the Guardian that music has become a powerful inspiration in his life: "I've always loved sounds and so I built a studio where I can experiment with sound, and gradually I started experimenting with music. I'm not a musician, but I love to experiment and try to make music," he said, speaking from his home in LA."'

Source: Alexandra Topping, 'The latest offbeat experiment from filmmaker David Lynch: pop singles', guardian.co.uk, 28 November 2010

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