Krapp's Last Tape Anniversary

First performed on this day in 1958
Patrick Magee in Krapp's Last Tape
Over at Daybook, Steve King reflects on the anniversary of Krapp's Last Tape: 'On this day in 1958 Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape was first performed. According to the authorized biography (Damned to Fame, James Knowlson, 1996), the play was one of the author's favorite works—a "nicely sad and sentimental" play about which he felt "as an old hen with her last chick," Beckett wrote in his letters at the time, but not likely to achieve the fame of Waiting for Godot and Endgame: "It will be like the little heart of an artichoke served before the tripes with excrement of Hamm and Clov. People will say: good gracious, there is blood circulating in the old man's veins after all, one would never have believed it; he must be getting old." [Read more]'

Source: Steve King, 'Beckett's Krapp', Daybook, 28 October 2010

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