Roland Barthes, Mourning Diary

New Yorker displays the index cards that comprise Barthes' diary
Roland Barthes' handwriting on an index card dated 27 October.
Next month sees the release of Roland Barthes' Mourning Diary, a series of reflections on the death of Barthes' mother, published by Hill and Wang. While we wait, the New Yorker website is hosting an online slide-show exhibit of the cultural critic's index cards, and reflects on Barthes' distinctive cursive style: 'Barthes’s handwriting achieves an unlikely balance between messiness and elegance. Even as his lines slant and his letters blur together, there is a delicate prettiness about it. Though clearly unhinged by grief, his natural eloquence never falters, and his still-resonant voice shines through these entries.' [Read more]

Source: Kristina Budelis, 'Barthes's Hand', newyorker.com, 09 September 2010

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