Philip Roth compares life to Beckett play

Roth reveals what has been occupying him since finishing his latest novel, Nemesis
Philip Roth
In an interview with Tom Shone for The Sunday Times, Philip Roth discusses what's been keeping him busy since writing his 31st novel, Nemesis:
He finished Nemesis 13 months ago. Ordinarily, the period between books is a fraught one for him, spent racked with anxiety that he's not going to be able to step back into the ring, but he has been able to step away with ease this time. He has spent the summer going back through the many boxes of correspondence, photographs and effects that have accumulated in the 31 years he's been in the house. Originally, he was looking for ideas, but when none came, it turned into 'an exercise in recollection', as he puts it, sounding like a character in a Beckett play.

'It's like a Beckett play in that it often feels pointless,' he says, laughing. 'I don't think any writing is going to come of it. Ordinarily, I would be very unhappy about that, but for some reason I am not this time. I've written about almost everything I know. It may be that there's something I've not considered that will occur to me, but not for the moment... I don't feel pursued.'

'Pursued by what?'

'The writing furies,' he says with a smile.

Tom Shone, 'Freed from the fury'
Culture, The Sunday Times, 26 September 2010
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