Thomas Bernhard, Walking

From an English translation of Bernhard's 1971 novella
Thomas Bernhard
Stefifofum has drawn my attention to an extract from Thomas Bernhard's Walking, a novella translated by Kenneth Northcott and published in Conjunctions. Northcott writes that the work is 'quintessential to the understanding of Bernhard's complete oeuvre. In it he treats, and distills, many of the themes that are central to both his dramatic and his fictional writings: the problems of identity, mortality, suicide, ethics, perception and of spiritual and personal liberty in the face of unbending authority are all explored with the full force of Bernhard's mordant wit, narrative genius and philosophical acuity.' The extract begins: 'There is a constant tug-of-war going on between all the possibilities of human thought and all the possibilities of a human mind's sensitivity, and between all the possibilities of human character.' [Read more]

Source: Conjunctions, 31, Fall 1998

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