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Introducing Freud at the Freud Museum
An upcoming evening course

His name is synonymous with controversy, but his theories are seldom understood. Even so, Sigmund Freud revolutionised the way we think about ourselves.

Following the success of last year’s course, the Freud Museum is delighted to announce a brand new series of classes designed to introduce the ideas of Sigmund Freud. Through his intriguing case histories, groundbreaking discoveries and compelling arguments, explore how Freud developed his theories of unconscious mental life.

Students will be guided by an experienced tutor and no prior knowledge will be assumed. The course will be held in the unique setting of Freud’s last home.

The Freud Museum was the home of Sigmund Freud and his family when they escaped Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938. It remained the family home until Anna Freud, the youngest daughter, died in 1982. It contains many of Freud’s possessions, including his world-famous psychoanalytic couch and his remarkable collection of over 2,000 antiquities, and his study has been preserved just as it was during his lifetime.

12 sessions (30 September – 16 December 2010)
Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30

Topics to be addressed:
  • The nature and status of psychoanalysis
  • Debates and disagreements
  • Freud’s case histories
  • The unconscious
  • Hysteria
  • Dreams
  • Freud’s theories of sexuality and gender
  • Freud’s self-analysis
  • Religion, society and human life

Source: Freud Museum, London

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