Samuel Beckett and Germany

Journal explores the influence of German culture on Samuel Beckett's work
Edinburgh University Press is set to publish a special issue of the Journal of Beckett Studies, exploring the influence of German culture on Samuel Beckett's life and work. Mark Nixon and Dirk van Hulle are editing the collection, which is due out this September. The journal includes a chronology of Beckett's travels in Germany as an aspiring art critic in 1936-7, at 'an extremely tumultuous and dangerous period in the country's political and cultural history', an investigation of 'Beckett's attitude towards German Romanticism, from both a literary and a philosophical perspective [...] and a translation of Adorno's notes on Fin de partie and L'Innommable, with accompanying analyses, focusing on Beckett's direction of Endspiel' The journal concludes with 'review essays on a selection from the vast amount of recent German publications on Beckett', aiming to '[promote] the cross-fertilisation between research communities working on Beckett in different languages.'

Source: Edinburgh University Press: Beckett and Germany, Journal of Beckett Studies Volume 19 Number 2

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