Paul Auster: Sunset Park Excerpt

First chapter of Auster's new novel available online
Paul Auster, Sunset Park
Paul Auster's most recent novel, Sunset Park, is due for release in the UK on 4 November 2010. But in the meantime, anxious readers can find an exclusive excerpt available on the Pan Macmillan website. The extract is freely downloadable in pdf format, and contains the first full chapter of the novel:
For almost a year now, he has been taking photographs of abandoned things. There are at least two jobs every day, sometimes as many as six or seven, and each time he and his cohorts enter another house, they are confronted by the things, the innumerable cast- off things left behind by the departed families. The absent people have all fled in haste, in shame, in confusion, and it is certain that wherever they are living now (if they have found a place to live and are not camped out in the streets) their new dwellings are smaller than the houses they have lost. Each house is a story of failure — of bankruptcy and default, of debt and foreclosure — and he has taken it upon himself to document the last, lingering traces of those scattered lives in order to prove that the vanished families were once here, that the ghosts of people he will never see and never know are still present in the discarded things strewn about their empty houses. [Read more]

Source: US Macmillan: Paul Auster, Sunset Park

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