Paul Auster, Collected Prose

An expanded edition of the writer's personal essays and memoirs
Biblioklept reviews a new expanded edition of Paul Auster's Collected Prose: 'This month, the good folks at Picador are issuing an expanded edition of Paul Auster’s essays, memoirs, prefaces, true stories, anecdotes, and interviews. Inconspicuously titled Collected Prose and running to just under six hundred pages, the volume includes Auster’s d├ębut work The Invention of Solitude in its entirety.' Also included is a series of personal essays on a diverse range of influences, including Knut Hamsun and Franz Kafka, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Art Spiegelman, Salman Rushdie and Samuel Beckett (via Susan Tomaselli).

Source: 'Collected Prose — Paul Auster', Biblioklept, 18 June 2010

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