The Derrida Dictionary

A guide to the key concepts in the writing of Jacques Derrida
Simon Morgan Wortham,
The Derrida Dictionary
Continuum Philosophy are promoting Simon Morgan Wortham's guide to the works of French philosopher Jacques Derrida, aptly entitled The Derrida Dictionary: 'a guide to the key terms, references and major works to be found in Jacques Derrida's extensive body of writings, arranged in an easy to access A to Z format, with terms fully cross-referenced throughout.' They go on to attest that Wortham's book also 'represents a collection of wonderfully written and suggestive mini-articles that succeeds in opening up new explorations of an incredibly diverse (and widely scattered) body of work.' They include a free preview which is viewable online.

Source: 'Jacques Derrida', Continuum Philosophy News, 8 August 2010