Psychoanalysis and Surrealism in the Digital Age

One Day Conference at the Anna Freud Centre

Spaces of the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis and Surrealism in the Digital Age
Saturday 9 October 9.30-5.00pm

This conference invites a re-assessment of how Freud’s theory of the unconscious has been utilised and developed within surrealism, and how surrealism has influenced the cultural, inter-personal and internal worlds of therapists and their patients. We now live in a world saturated with fantasy images and 'bizarre objects'. How does this affect our sense of self and reality?

Speakers include:

Dawn Ades
Krzysztof Fijalkowski
Roger Cardinal
David Sorfa
Karl Foster
Claire Pajaczkowska
Majella Munro
Michael Richardson
Steve Pile

The conference will be preceded by a special film screening and introductory talk on Friday 8th October 7-9pm - venue and registration details to be announced. [Read more]

Source: Freud Museum website

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