Disjecta: This week's links

John Coltrane, 'Blue Train'


Philip Roth: Kevin Stevens explores the role of indignation in Roth's work
Franz Kafka: Box with Kafka manuscripts to be opened to the public (Haaretz)
Franz Kafka: Lawyers open cache of unpublished Kafka manuscripts (Guardian)
Franz Kafka: Swiss Bank to lift lid on hidden Kafka works (BBC)
Franz Kafka: Fate of Franz Kafka's literary heritage turns into nightmare ruled on by judge (Guardian)
Franz Kafka: Franz Kafka papers should be made public, Israeli judge rules (Guardian)
Franz Kafka: Should newly uncovered Kafka manuscripts be available to the public? (BBC Newsnight)
Franz Kafka: Writer John Banville discusses the uncovered Kafka papers (BBC Newsnight)
Franz Kafka on the High Command: An extract from 'The Great Wall of China'
Lee Rourke: 3:AM Magazine interviews the author of The Canal
Paul Auster: Literary Kicks celebrates the 25th Anniversary of The New York Trilogy
Joyce Carol Oates: Los Angeles Times reviews In Rough Country
Carl Weissner archive at Reality Studio
20 Great Authors (and Actors) Read Their Work Out Loud
Technology and the Novel: from Blake to J. G. Ballard
Beckett on the Beach: What are 3:AM Magazine reading this summer?
Ian Pindar reviews On Poetry and Politics
Jorge Luis Borges: A brief survey of the short story
Conversations with Literary Websites
Readers' Almanac: The Official Blog of the Library of America

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

James Joyce: David Vichner publishes a new book, Joyce Against Theory: James Joyce After Deconstruction
Martin Heidegger: New translation of Phenomenology of Intuition and Expression, from Continuum Publishing
Maurice Blanchot: New book from the University of Notre Dame Press, Clandestine Encounters: Philosophy in the Narratives of Maurice Blanchot


Thelonious Monk: Blue Note Desktop Wallpaper
John Coltrane: Blue Note Desktop Wallpaper
Herbie Hancock's Secrets of Great Musicianship: Do your math and science homework

Film & Television:

The South Bank Show Returns: Melvyn Bragg finds new acceptance at Sky Arts

Art & Design:

Do Typefaces Really Matter?


William Shakespeare: Birthplace burglar alarm and CCTV
Will Self on train food

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