Jorge Luis Borges and the Latin American Novel

Colin Marshall interviews Borges translator Suzanne Jill Levine
Jorges Luis Borges, 'Sonnets'. Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine.
Colin Marshall has conducted an audio interview with translator Suzanne Jill Levine on the public radio program The Marketplace of Ideas. 3 Quarks Daily has published a transcript, with links to an audio podcast, in which Levine reflects on the significance of Jorge Luis Borges to Latin American fiction: 'He has often been called the father of the Latin American novel. Certainly the new Latin American novel, as of the mid-20th century. I think that’s very correct; that’s a good way of putting it. I hate to use biological or patriarchal terms here, but he truly was such an amazing inventor, such an amazing adventurer in the world of literature, that his ideas, his concepts, his way into literature really inspired all these writers. He directly inspired García Márquez, but even the generation before that: Julio Cortázar, Bioy Casares. So many writers were impacted by Borges and his way of dealing with literature and writing.' (Link via: Susan Tomaselli.)

Read the transcript: The Marketplace of Ideas: Colin Marshall interviews Suzanne Jill Levine. 3 Quarks Daily, 26 July 2010