Disjecta: This week's links

Marilyn Monroe reading James Joyce's 'Ulysses'
This is so sexy, precisely because it’s Marilyn reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. She doesn’t have to pose, we don’t even need to see her face, what comes off the photo is absolute concentration, and nothing is sexier than absolute concentration.


Samuel Beckett: Beckett's Correspondence Letterhead
Samuel Beckett: Desktop Wallpapers
Samuel Beckett: Peter Gay on Beckett and Modernism
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: When Goethe met Napoleon
Dante Alighieri: A brief biography
James Joyce: Publisher wins battle to distribute graphic novel of Ulysses on iPad
James Joyce: Jeanette Winterson on Solitary Pleasures: Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses
James Joyce: Weekly podcast, Re:Joyce, of Frank Delaney reading Ulysses
Jack Kerouac's typewriter to be sold at auction
Bret Easton Ellis: 25th anniversary of Less Than Zero sees release of sequel, Imperial Bedrooms
Anthony Burgess: Writer, composer, critic and more
J. G. Ballard manuscripts now at British Library
Vaclav Havel: Winner of this year's prestigious Franz Kafka Prize
New Issue: The Quarterly Conversation


Simon Critchley: This month's featured writer on A Piece of Monologue


Holocaust on Stage: Hotel Modern stage Kamp.
Will Self: On why theatre audiences are a poor show


Franz Schubert: Letters and Manuscripts
The Jazz Evangelism of Woody Allen

Film & Television:

Samuel BeckettDirector Atom Egoyan discusses Beckett's television play, Eh Joe


The Surreal House: New exhibition at the Barbican in London
Letterheady: Interesting and unusual letterheads

Bauhaus Explained 
Germaine Greer on Louise Bourgeois

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