Rick Cluchey on Samuel Beckett

Actor and playwright shares his thoughts on Beckett and performance

The San Quentin Drama Workshop presents a college presentation by actor and playwright Rick Cluchey, who shares his experiences of working under Samuel Beckett's direction.

Part One: Introduction | Rick Cluchey introduces the San Quentin Drama Workshop, and places his interest in Beckett's work in a personal context. Cluchey also includes a discussion of his own play, Cage.

Part Two: Outside | Rick Cluchey discusses leaving prison and touring with a production of his play, Cage. He then talks about writing to Beckett for permission to stage a cycle of his dramatic works, including Waiting for Godot and Endgame. Cluchey discusses meeting Beckett's wife, Suzanne, and niece at one of the productions in Paris. The clip ends with Cluchey reflecting on his first meeting with Beckett.

Part Three: Sam's Side | Rick Cluchey shares his experiences employed as a director by Samuel Beckett in Berlin. He then discusses working under the direction of Samuel Beckett in a series of productions by the San Quentin Drama Workshop, and talks about Beckett's precise and exacting approach to the voice recordings of Krapp's Last Tape.

Part Four | Rick Cluchey talks more about his experiences working under Beckett's direction, and discusses the way Beckett often remained close or made marginal adjustments to a source text during production. The discussion ends with a brief performance from Krapp's Last Tape, a montage of previous performances, and questions from the audience.

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