Disjecta: This week's links

This week, we have a surge in Samuel Beckett news and trivia. A call for papers has been announced for a Beckett conference, to be held in New Jersey early next year, Peter Boxall speculates on how Beckett could prove useful to the current UK coalition government, and a five-minute clip of award-winning documentary 'Waiting for Beckett' has surfaced on Youtube. In addition, Sylvia Beach is profiled by The Independent, John Self reviews the Penguin reissue of Thomas Bernhard's Old Masters, and a series of events commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Manchester group Joy Division. There is also news that Joe Biden is a James Joyce fan, and that original Franz Kafka manuscripts have gone missing from a Tel Aviv apartment.


Samuel Beckett: Introduction to the 'Waiting for Beckett' documentary
Samuel Beckett: 'Beckett and Sartre and Philosophy' in the new journal, Limit(e) Beckett
Samuel Beckett Licence Plate
Samuel Beckett: 'Waiting for Cleggot': Clegg and Beckett
Samuel Beckett Desktop Wallpaper: 'Fail again. Fail better.'
Sylvia Beach: Profiled by The Independent
Thomas Bernhard: John Self reviews Old Masters
Alain Robbe-Grillet: Towards a New Novel
James Joyce: Vice President Joe Biden is a Joycean
James Joyce: Joyce's words encoded in new synthetic cell
Franz Kafka: Manuscripts allegedly stolen from Tel Aviv apartment
Lee Rourke: The Other publishes a draft page of Rourke's new novel, The Canal
Literature & Spoken Word: Events at the Southbank Centre
Ghostbusters investigate missing library funds
The Joy of Unread Books

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Jacques Derrida: Great thinker of 'our time'
Simon Critchley: What is a philosopher?
Simon Critchley: Leiter Reports criticizes Critchley' work
Maurice Blanchot: Freedom of Speech: Blanchot and May '68
Samuel Beckett Conference 2011: The Encounter of Literature and Philosophy
A Poststructuralist Marriage: Till Derrida Do Us Part
Why is Middlesex University Philosophy Department closing?


Samuel Beckett: Rick Cluchey discusses working with Beckett
Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter: Ian Rickson on directing Pinter in Krapp's Last Tape
Samuel Beckett: Not I at the Project Arts Centre
Samuel Beckett: Works for Radio
William Shakespeare Insult Generator

Film & Television:

Daily Seinfeld


Joy Division Exhibition
Joy Division Walking Tour
Joy Division: James Hopkin's obsession with Ian Curtis
William S. Burroughs and Joy Division


The New Typography: A Collection at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Henri Cartier-Bresson: An exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Douglas Gordon: The Guardian interviews the creator of 24 Hour Psycho

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