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This week, Margaret Atwood boycotts the boycott, Mrs Dalloway celebrates her 85th birthday and Woody Allen reflects on ageing and death. A free academic has also been launched online, exploring Samuel Beckett's work in English and French. Alain de Botton has commissioned a series of modernist buildings to be used as British holiday homes. And graphic designer Roi Driscoll has contributed a desktop wallpaper to One Down, One Up, inspired by Miles Davis and Haruki Murakami. Enjoy!


Margaret Atwood: Boycotter of Boycotts
Samuel Beckett: A new online and bilingual academic journal, Limit(e) Beckett
Samuel Beckett: What do Nick Clegg and Beckett have in common?
Samuel Beckett: Review of Conversations between Samuel Beckett and Bram van Velde
Philip K. Dick: Film trailer for The Adjustment Bureau, based on a Dick short story
Don DeLillo: News on another film adaptation, this time David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis
Anthony Burgess: Celebrating the anniversary of A Clockwork Orange's publication
Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway celebrates 85th anniversary
James Joyce: Copy of Finnegans Wake goes on auction
Happy 50th Anniversary, Ambit Magazine
Wiki-Books: Creating customized books from Wikipedia
Is poetry still relevant?: From an anxiety of influence to an anxiety of relevance
Waterstones Bookstore Rebrand

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Jacques Lacan: Video lectures and discussion from Lacan.com
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne: A Philosopher of Life, Part 1
Cyborg Theory, Cyborg Practice


Samuel Beckett: Sir Ian McKellen mistaken for homeless man outside Godot


Woody Allen: Allen cheerfully reflects on the trauma of ageing and death
David Lynch: New commercial for Dior's Lady Blue Shanghai, starring Marion Cotillard


Jazz: The Dave Brubeck Quartet performs 'Take Five' in London, 1964
Jazz: Roi Driscoll's exclusive desktop wallpaper, designed for One Down, One Up
Joy Division: Peter Saville's design for Unknown Pleasures as audio visualizer


Architecture: Alain de Botton commissions modernist holiday homes
Avigdor ArikhaThe Guardian profiles artist and friend of Samuel Beckett
J. G. Ballard: Simon O'Carrigan's digital montage, The Drowned World
Dear Diary Exhibition

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