Disjecta: This week's links

It's been very quiet here at A Piece of Monologue over the past few weeks. This is in part due to a heavy workload, and a series of personal commitments. Things should resume their regular pace in the next week or so, but in the meantime Twitter has been a'twitter with all sorts of literary news. Samuel Beckett has popped up time and again in the media, primarily in relation to Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg's note of admiration. You can read more on the literary tastes of the potential UK leadership candidates below, along with news on the upcoming Shakespeare & Company literary festival, and a quiz on the 'bad days of literature'. Enjoy!


James Joyce: A timeline
W. G. Sebald: Gabriel Josipovici on The Emigrants
Maurice Blanchot: The Madness of the Day
Don DeLillo: DeLillo and déjà vu
Jorge Luis Borges: On the transformative power of art
Harper Lee: A Teacher's Resource on To Kill A Mockingbird
Samuel Beckett: Jacques Roubaud on his father's friendship with Beckett
Samuel Beckett: Boyd Tonkin on Beckett's lessons for political leaders
Samuel Beckett and J. M. Coetzee: Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg on literary heroes
J. M. Coetzee: On censorship
Literary Tastes of the UK Leadership candidates
William Burroughs Shooting William Shakespeare
Philip K. Dick: Bookslut on the legacy of quintessential paranoid sci-fi writer
Faber & Faber: Win a tour of the archive
Jeff Garlin's Book Club
Shakespeare & Company festival, Paris: Will Self among those who will appear
Shakespeare & Company: The Letters of Sylvia Beach
Quiz: Bad days in literature
Brönte Sisters Power Dolls

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Friedrich Nietzsche: Francis Fukuyama puts Nietzsche into historical context
Woody Allen: Is Woody Allen reading too much Schopenhauer?
E. M. Cioran: New translated section of Book of Delusions published


Woody Allen: Will the Real Avatar Please Stand Up (New Yorker)
Woody Allen: Is Woody Allen reading too much Schopenhauer?
Fritz Lang: More information on the restored Metropolis


Jazz: Miles Davis and Gil Evans performing in 1959
Classical: Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony premiered 186 years ago this month
Bob Dylan: On fame and celebrity


Gothic Alphabets

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