Beckett: Breath and Other Shorts

Upcoming performances of Beckett's shorter plays

Performance artist Barbara Knezevic presents a series of Samuel Beckett's short theatrical works at The Joinery in Dublin (link via Susan Tomaselli):

Breath and Other Shorts
02nd Jun - 08th Jun
Opening Wed 2nd 7-9pm. Open 11-5pm daily
Barbara Knezevic

For this show, Barbara Knezevic presents a series of sculptural studies. These works examine the failures inherent in object-hood, and denote the chasm that often appears between the idea and its material manifestation. Objects are posited as a means of working out, a probe with which to test the viability of ideas.

Further to this the work proposes sculptural objects as carriers of psychological meaning, with a potent ability to transform. Collectively, these sculptural works present a consideration of transience; the object as temporary, fragile, unstable, vulnerable and fundamentally contested.

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