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This week we celebrated what would have been the 104th birthday of Irish writer Samuel Beckett. Included among the list are a selection of links to reviews, extracts and new productions of Beckett's work opening across the world. There have also been a few literary revelations in the news this week: from the uncovering of audio tapes featuring Sylvia Path and Ted Hughes in the early stages of their marriage, to the discovery of the first adult photograph of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. In addition to this, Joyce Carol Oates has announced that she is working on a memoir that deals with the death of her husband, the BFI is hosting a retrospective on Hitchcock's Psycho, and rumours abound that David Lynch will direct a sequel to Mulholland Drive.


Happy Birthday, Samuel Beckett
Samuel Beckett: Richard Crary on Beckett's Letters
Samuel Beckett: An extract from his short prose work, 'Ceiling'
Samuel Beckett: An extract from early novel, Watt
Will Self at the Oxford Literary Festival, 2007
Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes caught on tape
Joyce Carol Oates to write a memoir
First adult photograph of Arthur Rimbaud found
William Burroughs' 'Call Me Burroughs' Recordings
50 Best Book People to Follow on Twitter: Compiled by the Huffington Post

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Fredric Jameson: Benjamin Kunkel on Jameson's Valences of the Dialectic


David Lynch: In case you missed it: Industrial Symphony.
David Lynch: New York Magazine ponders rumours of a Mulholland Dr. sequel
Alfred Hitchcock: BFI Season of Films: Psycho: A Classic in Context
Alfred Hitchcock: Kevin Maher of The Times on the influence of Psycho
Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition at the V&A
Werner Herzog: The Guardian reports on 3D Cave Art Documentary


Samuel Beckett: A new production of Endgame in Chicago's Steppenwolf theatre


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