Disjecta: This week's links

Photograph: Richard Beymer

Welcome to a bumper edition of Disjecta! I've spent the last three weeks in Los Angeles, so haven't been able to update A Piece of Monologue as much as I would have liked. But I did manage to post links on Twitter from time to time, so I've gathered together the best of them here. Included is an original piece of writing by Joyce Carol Oates, published in the New Yorker; there's an article by Richard Crary on Christopher Rick's Beckett's Dying Words; and your guide to the best literary T-shirts this spring. As if that wasn't enough, there's a selection of links related to American filmmaker David Lynch, whose Twin Peaks television series celebrated its twentieth anniversary this week.


Paul Auster: This month's featured artist
Paul Auster: James Warner on The Music of Chance
Paul Auster: Auster on continual commissions for prefaces
Don DeLillo: Tom LeClair on DeLillo's novel, Mao II
Don DeLillo: Hermione Hoby of The Observer on Point Omega
Joyce Carol Oates: Original piece, 'I.D.' in the New Yorker
Joyce Carol Oates: Interviewed in The Paris Review
Great Novels of Waste
William Faulkner reads As I Lay Dying
William Faulkner: On Faulkner's The Wishing Tree
Writing in a Room of One's Own
Whatever happened to Modernism?
Margaret Atwood: 'You don't deke Margaret'
Margaret Atwood: On the Twittersphere
Will Self: On Self's Wilde homage, Dorian
Peter Orlovsky is Unwell
Faber & Faber Catalogue 1951
Literary T-Shirts: Spring Round-Up
William S. Burroughs: Dead Fingers Talk: The Tape Experiments
William S. Burroughs: A selection of links celebrating Naked Lunch
Samuel Beckett: On Faber's new edition of Beckett's poetry
Samuel Beckett: Richard Crary on Christopher Ricks' Beckett study
Sam Shepard: Actor and playwright's regret at never meeting Samuel Beckett
James Joyce: The enduring allure of Finnegans Wake
Paul Celan: ReadySteadyBook on Under the Dome: Walks with Paul Celan
50 Places to Find Literary Criticism Online

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Søren Kierkegaard: Clare Carlisle on Fear and Trembling
Judith Butler: Symposium video
Slavoj Žižek: LRB on Žižek's critiques of films he hasn't seen
Academia.edu: A social-networking site for academics


David Lynch: A new David Lynch website, Industrial Symphony
David Lynch: Interviewed on The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder in 1997
David Lynch: The official website at davidlynch.com
Paul Shrader: Taxi Driver writer donates to Harry Ransom Center
Stanley Kubrick: Playing Chess with Kubrick
Werner Herzog: A review of Herzog's Book of a Lifetime: Walking on Ice
Alfred Hitchcock: Secrets of the Psycho shower
Alfred Hitchcock: BFI celebrates 50th Anniversary of Psycho with a season of films


David Lynch: Andrew Anthony on the legacy of Twin Peaks, 20 years on
David Lynch: A History of Twin Peaks on home video


William Shakespeare: Lost play, Double Falsehood
William Shakespeare: Shakespeare and Wales Symposium this April
William Shakespeare: Hamlet at the MET


A Piece of Monologue: Interview with Design Feaster
iPadPeek: See how the iPad displays websites

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