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Douglas Gordon's '24 Hour Psycho' (1993)
Douglas Gordon's 24 Hour Psycho (1993)

This week we celebrated World Book Day 2010, and the news kept coming in. There are plenty of reviews for Don DeLillo's new novel, Point Omega, and a newly edited volume of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. A podcast of Paul Auster's recent address on Samuel Beckett is now online. And new editions of Cormac McCarthy's novels have been released with a distinctive new design. In other news, Will Self's official website has confirmed that he does not use the social networking site Twitter, a landmark exhibition of women's art is being hosted by the Centre Pompidou, and - did I mention? - the first issue of Assuming Gender is now online. Enjoy!


World Book Day
Don DeLillo: Featured artist here at A Piece of Monologue
Don DeLillo: The Independent reviews Point Omega
Don DeLillo: 'Thinkwriting' about Don DeLillo
Don DeLillo: UK Reviews of DeLillo's Point Omega
Don DeLillo: Ink Quest on why DeLillo writes such good books
Don DeLillo: Simon and Schuster's promotional website for Point Omega
Samuel Beckett: Paul Auster on Beckett (audio)
Barbara Bray 1924-2010: Critic, translator and Beckett partner
William S. Burroughs: Video interview on Ginsberg and Kerouac
Ralph Ellison: Writers on Writing event
Ralph Ellison: Interview with The Paris Review
Patricia Highsmith: Highsmith's New York
Primo Levi: On translation
Cormac McCarthy: New editions of McCarthy's novels
Jack Kerouac: Kerouac's essentials of spontaneous prose
Allen Ginsberg: Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit
Franz Kafka: Typeface based on Kafka's handwriting
James Joyce: Houyhnhnm Press release newly edited Finnegans Wake
James Joyce: John Spain on new edition of Finnegans Wake
James Joyce: The Guardian website on new Finnegans Wake
James Joyce: The New Yorker on James Joyce and Sylvia Beach
Will Self: Official website confirms Twitter account is bogus
W. B. Yeats and King Oedipus
Crime Fiction: Jon Fosse on death as a puzzle to be solved
3 Quarks Daily Arts and Literature Award: A Piece of Monologue nominated
Books of the decade: The Guardian asks authors for their favourite books
Best Dystopian Books
Publishing Costs: Print versus Electronic books

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Assuming Gender: In case you missed it, the free academic journal is now online
Leslie Hill: Gerald Bruns reviews Radical Indecision: Barthes, Blanchot, Derrida and the Future of Criticism


Oscars 2010: The Nominees
Werner Herzog: Frontline Club arrange a season of his films
Chris Petit: Sight and Sound discusses Content and Radio On


Women in Art: Critical Cookie on a new exhibition at the Paris Centre Pompidou
24 Hour Psycho: Douglas Gordon's provocative take on Hitchcock's film
J. G. Ballard: Ballardian art exhibition at the Gargosian gallery
Jazz: Martel Chapman's portraits of jazz musicians at One Down, One Up


Jazz: Critic Ira Gitler's first LP liner notes


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