Disjecta: This week's links

This week, we see connections between Don DeLillo's work and AMC's period drama, Mad Men. Joyce Carol Oates recalls growing up in Lockport, and reflects on the way childhood memory has influenced her writing. While 3 Quarks Daily announces its annual Arts and Literature blog competition, to be judged by poet Robert Pinsky. In other news, the first issue of online academic journal Assuming Gender is now online: all articles and reviews are freely downloadable. Neil Badmington reflects on the continued importance of Barthes Mythologies, now expanded with new material and a new introduction. And the incomparable Stewart Lee signs a book deal with Faber & Faber, aiming to publish an annotated edition of his stand-up material. It's been an exciting week! Enjoy the links.


Don DeLillo: On DeLillo's influence on popular culture, focussing on Mad Men
Don DeLillo: Point Omega featured in the New Yorker's 'Briefly Noted'
Don DeLillo: One-hour audio discussion on White Noise
Don DeLillo: The Quarterly Conversation reviews Point Omega
W. G. Sebald: This Space on Will Self and Sebald
Martin Amis: Anthony Cummins criticizes Amis' comments about J. M. Coetzee
Samuel Beckett: Don DeLillo on Beckett and contemporary fiction
Samuel Beckett: Beckett's poem, Cascando
Samuel Beckett: Richard Crary on Beckett and Marcel Proust
Joyce Carol Oates: Oates recalls growing up in Lockport, New York
Franz Kafka: Philip Roth on Kafka and the Holocaust
William S. Burroughs: RealityStudio on 'The Blade Runner' and 'The Shootist'
J. G. Ballard: Writer Nicholas Royle on Ballard's work
James Joyce: Audio recording of Joyce reading Finnegans Wake
Lucia Joyce: The Guardian on James Joyce's daughter, friend of Samuel Beckett
Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Saul Bellow on Dostoyevsky and Paris
Jonathan Lethem: Lee Rourke interviews Lethem in the New Statesman
3 Quarks Daily Prize in Arts and Literature: Submit your favourite blogposts
Newspapers/Blogs: Columnist and blogger Mark Athitakis on the pros and cons
E-Books: Thousands of authors opt-out of Google settlement

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Assuming Gender: First issue of the free academic journal now online
Slavoj Žižek: Public Lecture at Cardiff University, 3 March 2010
Slavoj Žižek: New issue of the International Journal of Žižek Studies now available
René Descartes: Stolen letter to be returned
Roland Barthes: Barthes scholar Neil Badmington on the expanded Mythologies
Jacques Derrida: Mark Thwaite on Derrida, Shields and Capitalist Realism
Simon Critchley: The Big Think interviews the British philosopher
Alain Badiou: An interview 'on evil'


Terrence Malick: New film announcement, The Tree of Life starring Brad Pitt
Terrence Malick: Simon Critchley on 'calm' in The Thin Red Line
Werner Herzog: Herzog's three films a year
Samuel Beckett: Simon Critchley on Beckett's Film


William Shakespeare: Mark Thwaite's essay, 'King Lear, madness and my grandmother'
Samuel Beckett: Anna McMullan's Performing Embodiment in Samuel Beckett's Drama


Iggy Pop: Pop discusses the writing process in a late '70s television interview


David Simon: An interview with the creator of The Wire about new series, Treme


Will Self: On conspiracy theories
Stewart Lee: Faber signs Stewart Lee for annotated transcriptions of stand-up material

Thank you to all link contributors, who can be found on the A Piece of Monologue Twitter page.