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Minimalist movie poster for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, by Jamie Bolton

Jamie Bolton's minimalist movie poster for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

This week, American jazz and literary critic Stanley Crouch profiles the career of Ralph Ellison. Maud Newton publishes interviews with Patricia Highsmith. Don DeLillo speaks to NPR about his new book, Point Omega. And The Independent reviews a new art exhibition based on the work of J. G. Ballard. In addition to this week's literary news, academic conferences have been announced on Freud and Derrida, to be held later in the year. Proto-punk fans will be excited to hear that The Stooges' seminal Raw Power is to be re-released in a deluxe edition, including David Bowie's rarely heard original mix of the album. Fritz Lang's Metropolis has been re-cut with additional, previously unseen, scenes. And an online artist combines the world of Roland Barthes with Springfield's Bart Simpson.


Ralph Ellison: Critic Stanley Crouch on the American writer's 'endless blues'
Jonathan Safran Foer: Featured on The Guardian's online book club
Thomas Bernhard: Varia bids happy birthday to the late Austrian author
Patricia Highsmith: Maud Newton on Highsmith, the artist and the habit of recording
Don DeLillo: NPR hosts audio interview with DeLillo on new book, Point Omega
J. G. Ballard: The Independent reviews new Ballardian art exhibition
William Faulkner: New York Times on the plantation diary that inspired Faulkner
Lydia Davis: The Guardian profiles American writer in a series on the short story
Wallace Stevens: Ryan Ruby on the quiet American poet
The Future of Reading: Josh Quittner's fascinating article on reading habits and future publishing
UK Library Borrowing: Top 250 books borrowed from UK libraries

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Roland Barthes: Barthes by Barthes by Bart


Iggy Pop and the Stooges: Raw Power released as a deluxe edition with documentary and book


Fritz Lang: Dystopian science fiction masterpiece Metropolis, 'reborn' in Berlin
Minimalist Movie Posters: Kubrick, Scott, Spielberg, Lucas


Samuel Beckett: UbuWeb hosts David Warrilow's vocal performance of A Piece of Monologue


Tea: The Ink Quest targets the institution of the British cup of tea
Valentine's Day: Celebrate with a Mad Men Valentine card

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