David Lynch on Meditation

Contemporary American filmmaker on his daily routine
David Lynch.
American filmmaker, artist and musician David Lynch

American film director David Lynch reflects on the versatility of a meditative lifestyle:
You can meditate anywhere. You can meditate in an airport, at work, anywhere you happen to be.

Usually, I meditate in the morning before breakfast, and in the evening before dinner. But when I'm shooting, I meditate before I go, and again at lunch. And if I haven't meditated long enough, I'll meditate when I finish.

I've been in places where there are no other meditators around, but it's very surprising: people kind of like it. I'll ask for a quiet room, and they say, 'Oh, yes, yes, I'll find you a very nice, quiet place, and protect you.' And I go and meditate away.

We waste so much time on other things, anyway. Once you add this and have a routine, it fits in very naturally.

David Lynch, 'Anywhere, Anytime'
in Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity
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